nbbX is the ideas platform of global design and architecture firm NBBJ, and this is our blog in which we write about anything that “means the world to us.”

nbbX signifies the uncertain, the unknown, new territory, and the intention to stretch our collective thinking – and yours.

It’s a blog written by designers, planners, and architects (mostly), but it is not about architecture, planning, and design (mostly). Our work serves as the invisible landscape for the discussion, but not as the subject. Think of it as the experiences of the protagonists that didn’t make it into the novel but are ever-present in every line of text nonetheless.

If there is one overarching theme, then it is the notion of “a good life” and how design and architecture can enable it. Yep, this is a lofty and elusive topic, so we’ve broken it down into three categories: workcommunity and well-being. These are the building blocks of “a good life,” in our eyes, and we will explore new trends and phenomena for each of them, from the global to the very local, from the sacred to the mundane, from deep thought to quick snapshot—whether that is the “distraction addiction” at work, designing environments for the “Quantified Self,” lean but rich patient experiences in hospitals, or advances in computational design.

Design and architecture means problem-solving and meaning-making. It is a craft, an art, perhaps even a science, but above all a way of looking at the world and (re-)shaping it.

This blog is food for thought, “head space” for ideas, insights, and discourse within and beyond the built environment, for everything that concerns us and that we can discern.

There is, you might argue, nothing less ambiguous than the built environment. And yet, once it is built, once it is explicit, it – magically – becomes ambiguous again, and a home for the abstract and transcendent. It asks more questions than it gives answers. It raises possibilities. And it opens new spaces.

This is one of them.


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