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An Invitation to Create the Future of Work with Distribute! A Global Hackathon

March 9, 2016

Partner, NBBJ


Editor’s Note: This post was co-authored by Ryan Mullenix, Lee Ajayi and Dan Anthony of NBBJ, and Robert Duffy of Time Inc.

ALLHumans are social beings, and our society is shifting to a way of work that is inherently social. Our technology connects us, allowing us to work distributed around the world and around the clock. “Where we work” is a much broader place than just the office. It exists not just in the workplace, but in the interstitial spaces that make up our working lives.

Despite this increased social dynamic, there is tension in our work culture, where an ability to communicate precedes an opportunity to relate.

We need to be insightful to make productive and, most importantly, happy work environments. We design, both digitally and architecturally, to link the virtual and physical. We dream of cultural “Wormholes” that bring together the joy of connectivity and intrigue of human experience.

Our connectivity can deepen our personal relationships, and our workplaces can be imbued with a sense of place and become repositories of knowledge and insight.

With this in mind, we are inviting designers, developers, and distributed workers to create prototypes of the Future of Work.

Technology has enabled teams to spread out in the global village. Teams that span multiple cities or boast members working from anywhere — coffee shops to beach villas — are increasingly common. Although enabled, distributed teams are far from optimized.

That’s where you come in!

We are looking for teams to create ways to allow distributed teams to have serendipitous interactions, create cultural portholes and collaborate in structured meetings. Solutions should use technology to allow people to overcome the barriers of space and time to form stronger teams.

Visit our website to learn more details on how to get your team involved in this global event/challenge in developing the next big tool to aid distributed teams in having a more seamless environment to collaborate in!

Images courtesy Britta Moline-Ayars.

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